Renting – Short & Simple #5

Buying, Renting or Selling a home is the perfect time to evaluate your financial picture. Your credit score along with having the best mortgage professionals guide you along the path to ownership is critical.  Evaluating the merits and capabilities of rent/vs buying often needs a trusted advisor to map out the best plan of action.  

When all is said and done, an expert financial planner puts the difficult choices in the best light and makes the path to financial security so much easier and less chaotic.


Property Management  

Taking Real Estate to the top level of understanding, experience and expertise. Marketing, asset management, maintenance, renovations, budget control, rent collection, accounting, leasing, legal, taxes and client services all wrapped up into one.  With over 50 years experience, Ready Group has the behind the scene expertise to run your property and portfolio, profitable and stress free. 


Buying, Selling and Renting properties involves an additional list of “to do’s” that are ususally out of the normal daily routine.  These are activites unique to the real estate venture.  Ready Group provides a concierge service which helps coordinate these service with the best providers available.      


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